Are you ready to take on an Account Based Marketing strategy, but have no idea how to keep up with the personalized content demands?

The ABM Content and Strategy Package

Focused B2B can help by preparing your organization with a clear approach for transitioning to ABM including:

  • Identifying your ideal buyer.
  • Determining the compelling reason for each persona to buy.
  • Advising on ABM tactical approach and technology that can assist execution.
  • Developing a content strategy to fulfill the needs of this new approach.
  • Creating content that gets the attention of your target accounts.
  • Enabling sales with materials and tactics to run targeted Account Based Selling (ABS) plays.

Sample of ABM Strategy

10 Steps to Transition to ABM

Focused B2B has created a 10 step process to helping a company transition its marketing and sales teams to an Account Based go-to-market approach.

Focused B2B can guide you through each step with expertise, tools and the content creation needed to make ABM a success.

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The ABM Content Package

The standard ABM Content Package includes focused content for four variations of target accounts. This is typically industry, but could also be different personas in a buying unit, different technology stacks, etc.

The standard ABM Content Package includes the following:

  • 4 Thought leadership eBooks (approx 10 pages each) [Note: Can be formatted for print if doing direct mailers].
    • These are variations on the same eBook to be personalized for each target audience.
  • 4 Thought leadership articles (1 per target) to pitch to 3rd party publications in order to drive traffic to the eBooks. (See sample thought leadership articles)
  • Copy for 4 landing pages for each ABM target that promotes the content developed as part of this package and the value proposition for each target audience.
  • 40 social posts or ad copy (10 per ABM target) to drive traffic to articles, eBook and landing page.
  • Optional: Sales enablement presentation on target buyer.

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Sample presentation showing identified target buyer and compelling reasons to buy for both marketing and sales teams

Have different content needs?

Focused B2B can work with you to customize this package for the content you need in your ABM campaign.

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