Do you have all the content you need to pull off a comprehensive demand generation campaign?

Focused B2B can help by taking the burden off your shoulders and generate the campaign strategy and content that is worthy of form fills from your targeted buyers.

The Demand Generation Content Package

The standard Demand Generation Content Package includes the following (see sample materials from a Demand Generation Campaign):

  • 1 Thought leadership eBook (approx 10 pages). (See sample eBook)
  • 4 Thought leadership articles (see sample thought leadership articles) to pitch to key influencers. (Get help with influencer identification).
  • 1 Webinar deck for 30 min presentation – Trisha Winter can moderate or speak as desired.
  • 1 Video script (price varies depending upon 30 sec promo video or 2-3 min explainer video). (See sample script)
  • 2 Infographics.
  • 2 Blog posts for publication on your site to drive traffic to eBook and webinar.
  • 10 Social posts to drive traffic to assets.
  • Copy for 1 campaign landing page promoting all campaign assets.

Demand Gen Campaign

Collage of sample deliverables for a demand generation campaign – infographics, social posts, webinars and eBook.

Have different content needs?

Focused B2B can work with you to customize this package for the content you need in your demand generation campaign.

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