Are you struggling to get the attention of your target technology buyers?

Focused B2B can help by defining the value proposition that your target buyers will relate to and identifying influencers and thought leadership content that will grab their attention.

The Process to Define Value Proposition and Identify Influencers

  1. If Focused B2B did a target buyer identification, then we’ve already got the data we need to identify the value of your solution. If not, we will start by interviewing a few of the key players at your company that understand your customers and the value they are getting out of your product or service. The best candidates for this are typically salespeople, product managers, business leaders and customer service or account managers.
  2. Optional: Interviews or surveys with customers can also be performed to better understand the value they are getting from your offering.
  3. Focused B2B takes this information and creates a list of key target buyer pains and how your offering solves them. This is reviewed with you to get agreement.
  4. Then Focused B2B creates a focused value proposition for your review and agreement.
  5. Once the value proposition is agreed upon, Focused B2B researches the market and content trends related to the value proposition.
  6. From the research, Focused B2B will come up with thematic ideas for content campaigns as well as  publications and individual influencers who may be interested in content from you on each campaign theme.

The Result

From this analysis, you will get a solid value proposition that can be used for sales and marketing efforts as well as clear ideas for getting the message to market. Focused B2B will provide you with a report containing the following information:

  • Final value proposition.
  • At least 5 thematic ideas for content campaigns.
  • At least 5 publications and/or individual influencers for each campaign topic (25 in total).

Sample Value Proposition and Positioning Statement

Value Proposition example

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