Trisha 2017 headshot_small_bwFocused B2B was founded by Trisha Winter, former SaaS CMO. With a unique expertise in creating content for complex technologies, the company is 100% focused on B2B technology marketing.

Trisha started her career as an engineer, then moved into product management / marketing and spent the past 12 years in software marketing toward target buyers in IT, sales, marketing and channel.

With grass roots in target market identification training in 2006 via Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing The Chasm and The Chasm Group Advisors, Trisha has always believed that the key to B2B marketing success is being laser focused on your target market, target accounts and target buying personas.

Geoffrey Moore – Crossing The Chasm

Fast forward to 2018 and Account Based Marketing is thriving and a key go-to-market strategy for B2B companies. And this means the need for attention-getting, hard-hitting content has never been more important.

SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall – the foundation for focused B2B content

Luckily, Focused B2B is here to help you keep up with the needs of your content marketing engine with the right expertise to make your offering stand out among the noise.

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