Trisha 2017 headshot_small_bwFocused B2B provides content marketing services from Trisha Winter, former SaaS CMO. With a unique expertise in creating content for complex technologies, Trisha’s strength lies in B2B technology marketing and her ability to make the complex simple and relatable for target buyers.

Trisha started her career as an engineer, then moved into product management / marketing and spent the past 12 years in software marketing toward target buyers in IT, sales, marketing and channel.

Founded with Focus

With grass roots in target market identification training in 2006 via Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing The Chasm and The Chasm Group Advisors, Trisha has always believed that the key to B2B marketing success is being laser focused on your target market, target accounts and target buying personas.

Geoffrey Moore – Crossing The Chasm

Fast forward to 2018 and Account Based Marketing is thriving and a key go-to-market strategy for B2B companies. And this means the need for attention-getting, hard-hitting content has never been more important.

Working with Trisha

  • Start with the pain – Content marketing services typically start with a particular pain point. Trisha will get on a 30 minute call with you to identify the most important area to focus on to improve your content marketing results.
  • Project or contract – Depending upon the scope of work, Trisha can work with clients on a project basis or as a contractor helping to fill content gaps.
  • Bonus consulting – All clients reap the benefits of Trisha’s experience leading marketing from startups to billion dollar companies. This means that clients always have a great resource readily available to ask questions and get strategic advice.

Get Ready to Save Money

Content gaps or poorly executed content leads to missed revenue. Whether it comes to creating demand generation content like landing pages and emails or high level thought leadership assets, outsourcing to Focused B2B can help you capture this revenue and save you big money.

For demand generation content, you can get the same amount of content as you would if you hired an additional content marketer, but at 1/4 the cost.  See the rationale and calculations here.

For product marketing content, you can double the content output of a product marketer for 1/6 the cost of hiring an additional product marketer. See the rationale and calculations here.

Start with a 30 Minute Call

Submit your information to have Trisha contact you to set up a free 30 minute call. Together you’ll determine the best place to start and ensure Trisha is a fit to add value to your marketing and sales efforts.