What is a Free Content Review?

Trisha Winter is offering 2 hours of time to help you better understand what you can do to make improvements to your content marketing. Why? Because if you’re not sure where you need help or what to change, this review can get you on the right path. It is a commitment-free launching point to start the discussion. It gets you tangible feedback and helps me to better understand where I can add value.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill Out Form – Fill out the form below and Trisha will contact you via email to set up a time for the 30 min discussion and the 30 min follow up meeting.
  2. 30 Min Intro Call – In the first 30 min discussion you’ll educate Trisha on your target audience and your current content marketing performance relative to goals. You’ll also explain what you want reviewed or Trisha can help identify.
  3. 1 Hr Content Review – Trisha will spend 1 hour reviewing your content and making recommendations.
  4. 30 Min Results Call  You’ll meet again for a 30 min follow up for Trisha to share her findings and recommendations on how you can improve your content performance. If you’d like Focused B2B to help make those improvements, you can discuss ways to make that happen. If not, you can take the recommendations back to your team and work to bring your content marketing to the next level.

What Content Should Be Reviewed?

The best content for this review is any content you think isn’t performing as it should. This could be a broad category such as landing pages or a specific whitepaper you feel is critical to lead generation. If you provide a broad category like landing pages, Trisha will look at them holistically and provide recommendations on format. If you provide a specific asset like a whitepaper, Trisha will provide feedback on how it can be improved to better engage your target audience.

Ideas on what can be reviewed:

  • Asset – Will review a single asset, such as a whitepaper, in detail and provide feedback on how it can be improved to engage readers and generate demand.
  • Resource Library – Will review content mix as well as value to target audience and make suggestions on improvements plus give ideas for adding high value content.
  • Nurture Campaign – Will review an email nurture track to provide comments on how to improve it for click thrus.
  • Website Copy – Will review tier 1 website pages (approx 10) to identify ways the pages can be more engaging and more frequently convert your audience.
  • Landing Pages – Will review multiple landing pages to provide format suggestions or can review a single landing page to provide detailed comments on how to improve performance.
  • Blog – Will review blog for value-add content, format and conversion potential and provide ways to improve. Alternatively, can review a single blog post to provide specific changes to make to improve performance.

If you are not sure where your content marketing needs the most help, Trisha can do a high level review of your website, including resource library and blog to identify the best place to begin to make improvement that will bring the biggest performance increase.

Kickstart Improvements to Your Content

Just fill out the form below and Trisha will contact you to set up a 30 minute meeting. Trisha is looking forward to learning more about your content marketing engine and providing ways for you to get the results you deserve for your efforts!