Is your content marketing strategy effective at reaching target buyers to fill the sales pipeline?

Focused B2B can help by auditing your strategy through to each detailed piece of content to find ways to improve your outcomes.

Content Marketing Optimization

Trisha Winter can help get you the detailed, expert review of your content marketing to find ways to drive more clicks, conversions and revenue from your efforts. You spend a lot of time on content and it needs to yield results. Engage Trisha to take a look at any of the following areas of your content marketing strategy:

  • Website Audit – Trisha will review your website and evaluate messaging and flow to find ways to improve CTA conversions. Trisha can also review website metrics for data-driven recommendations. As desired, Trisha can execute recommended changes with website copy and layout revisions.
  • Landing Page Audit – Trisha can review all landing pages and make suggestions for ways to improve form fills as well as take action to rewrite as needed. Key offers will only perform as well as the landing page is constructed.
  • Email Audit – Trisha can review promotional emails and/or nurture streams to determine ways to improve click throughs. As desired, Trisha can also rewrite those emails to improve performance.
  • Asset Audit – Trisha will review current selection of assets to validate appropriate messaging for target audience, quantity, quality and execution. You’ll get a clear list of what needs to be changed in order to improve results. Trisha can also take that existing content and make improvements so you can get the most from existing content.

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Trisha can also help if you are looking to create a new content marketing strategy whether it be for demand generation, awareness, customer or partner marketing. And if you are a startup or launching a new product, Trisha can affordably create the key assets you need to get started.


Let’s Discuss Your Content Performance

Fill out your info and Trisha Winter will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your how your content is performing. In a free 30 minute conversation, Trisha can identify the best areas to start digging in order to get you the fastest and biggest improvements to your content marketing performance.