Do you have all the content you need to generate revenue from your content marketing engine?

Focused B2B can help by filling your content gaps from emails to thought leadership assets that engage target buyers and drive conversions.

Content Marketing Services

Trisha Winter takes a focused and personalized approach to creating content for your organization. Every piece of content is created thoughtfully with respect to your target buyers and the actions desired after engaging. Trisha’s unique background in engineering allows her to tackle the most complex products and make them relatable for your prospects.

Trisha provides content marketing services ranging from market-facing content to sales enablement and customer marketing content. Here are some examples of the types of content that can be cost-effectively created:

  • Whitepapers – from thought leadership to product guides, Trisha can quickly create white papers that fill the gaps in your customer journey. (See sample eBook)
  • Webinars & Explainer Videos – whether its a homepage explainer video or a webinar for your prospects, Trisha can bring to life your message in beautiful, yet affordable formats. (See sample video script)
  • Website – from landing pages to creating entire websites, Trisha known how to provide an experience that engages and converts.
  • Emails – from promotional emails to nurture campaigns, Trisha provides a simple approach that gets clicks.
  • Social Posts – extending promotion of content to social media is incredibly important. Trisha knows how to create visual posts and copy that gets engagement.
  • Articles & Blog Posts – from keeping your blog fresh to getting articles published in third party publications, Trisha knows how to find the topics that drive traffic. (see sample articles)
  • Case Studies – having a neutral party perform case study interviews often gets better results. Trisha can perform interviews and write case studies that demonstrate clear value.
  • Sales Enablement – marketing messaging needs to be carried through to sales and Trisha can help you do this with business development emails, scripts and templated content for personalization.
  • Newsletters – everyone wants more from customers and partners, but never has the time to keep a newsletter going. Trisha can help drive cross sell and upsell activity or keep partners aware and active with newsletters and promotions.

Demand Gen Campaign

Collage of sample deliverables for a demand generation campaign – infographics, social posts, webinars and eBook.

Outsourcing Content Generation Saves Money

Whether it comes to creating demand generation content like landing pages and emails or high level thought leadership assets, outsourcing can save you big money. Your team is busy and that leads to poor content quality and a lack of key assets being generated by demand generation and product marketing. That’s where Focused B2B can help. Let’s consider the savings:

For demand generation content, you can get the same amount of content as you would if you hired an additional content marketer, but at 1/4 the cost. An estimated $29,400 investment gets you all the content you would get out of a content marketing hire. See the rationale and calculations here.

For product marketing content, you can double the content output of a product marketer for 1/6 the cost of hiring an additional product marketer. An estimated $30,500 investment annually gets you more than double the content you are currently getting out of a product marketer. See the rationale and calculations here.

Let’s Discuss Your Content Needs

Fill out your info and Trisha Winter will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your content strategy and the gaps you need filled. In a free 30 minute conversation, Trisha can identify priorities for where to start to get you the fastest results.