A well written article published on a 3rd party site can produce great benefits in awareness and site traffic. Thought leadership articles can be tied to a campaign where the article promotes other assets such as an eBook or report. They can also be used as a standard part of your PR/social media strategy as it is much easier to get click thrus on a known 3rd party site than on your vendor site.

While I have ghost written many articles over the years (particularly in the IT space where no one wants a marketer as the author) here are a few articles with my name on them that showcase some of the topics I have written on.

  • Published by MarketingProfs: Six Ways Sales and Marketing Can Align With Customers and Grow Revenue
    • I created a maturity model for Smarketing (Communication, Coordination, then Collaboration) that became an eBook that I wrote with MarketingProfs. This article was used to help promote the eBook and drove an incredible amount of traffic.
  • Published by Salesforce: The 3 C’s of Sales and Marketing Alignment (Smarketing)
    • Also part of the Smarketing campaign, this article was written to drive Salesforce blog readers to the Smarketing eBook.
  • Published by Salesforce: 7 Big Growth Hacks for Lead Generation Success
    • Everyone is looking for growth hacks (a.k.a. silver bullets). I wrote this article to grab the attention of marketers working on their plans for the new year. Five of the hacks were good advice while two of the hacks sprinkled in links to promo resources.
  • Published by Amplifinity: The Changing Partner Channel . . . And What You Can Do About It
    • This article was originally written to go on a 3rd party site, but Amplifinity decided they needed strong content on their site and published as a blog instead. It did exactly what they hoped as key industry analysts saw the article and shared it in their niche communities making Amplifinity a player in the ChanTech space.