Have you been shouting to the world about your great features, but nobody seems to be paying attention?

Focused B2B can help by finding your ideal buyer so your sales and marketing efforts can be focused on your best opportunities for revenue.

The Target Buyer Identification Process

  1. We start by interviewing a few of the key players at your company that understand your customers and the value they are getting out of your product or service. The best candidates for this are typically salespeople, product managers, business leaders and customer service or account managers.
  2. Focused B2B takes this information and creates a list of data points needed on the customer base and pipeline to test the hypotheses resulting from the interviews.
  3. If you already have this data, that’s great! If you don’t yet have this data, Focused B2B will partner with you to create surveys and work with data vendors to collect the information needed.
  4. Once the data is collected, Focused B2B can run the analysis to prove out the key data points that make an account an ideal target.
  5. Focused B2B then does additional research on the target accounts and target buying personas to better uncover their pains and the connection to your solution.

The Result

From this analysis, you can expect to have a clear picture of the best accounts to target and the key buying personas within those accounts. Focused B2B will provide you with a report containing the following information:

  • Top verticals/industries to target.
  • Key firmagraphics of best companies to target within those industries (size, stage, technology, etc.).
  • Key titles of target buying personas.
  • Pains and trigger events that cause a need for your solution.

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Sample high level presentation with target buyer identification and compelling reasons to buy

Got a New Product or Market?

Focused B2B can also help identify ideal targets for companies that are new to a market or launching a new product. Contact us for more information.

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